The Murder of Rachel Corrie by an Israeli Defence Force Soldier

Rachel Corrie
Rachel Corrie peacefully protesting the demolition of a Palestinian Home by the IDF
Rachel Corrie
Rachel's body after the IDF bulldozer crushed her
Rachel Corrie
Rachel's remains held by friends who witnessed her murder
Rachel Corrie
Rachel Corrie is a blood relative to all persons bearing the territorial 'Corrie' surname - for we ALL trace our linneage back to a single common ancestor 'Sir Hugh de Corrie' who was born in Oxfordshire England in 1097 and started the family line in Scotland in 1124 - when he was under the employ of King David I.

It is a sad irony that 700 years before Rachel died in Palestine protecting Muslims in the name of Christianity - another of our common ancestors died in Palestine attacking Muslims in the name of Christianity.

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