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Q - I noticed photographs on your website of the Confederacy leader - Hereditary Chief Corrie in military uniform holding a firearm, is the Confederacy a paramilitary armed group?
A - No, in fact Hereditary Chief Corrie has officially renounced violence as anything but a last resort self-defence measure as is permitted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The photographs you refer to were taken during the 1997 Marijuana eradication program in Confederacy territories in Guyana funded out of Hereditary Chief Corrie's pocket and with the consent of the US Drug Enforcement Agency's agent 'Cecil' who was stationed in Barbados at that time.
Q - Does the Confederacy seek political Independence from the Republic of Guyana?
A - No, the Confederacy seeks to create by 2014 a police free Amerindian governed autonomous entity in the ninth region of Guyana WITHIN the Republic of Guyana, Lethem Town will remain under Central government jurisdiction with its Immigration, Police and Military bases of operation. The authority of the State will still be recognized - in all matters not under the category of local/regional governance for region 9.
Q - What is the cause of the years of problems between the Confederacy and the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs of the Guyana government?
A - Not what - who, an autodidact 'propaganda' minister who somehow obtained employment in the ministry when his drinking partner Vibert De-Souza was Minister is the source of ALL vitriolic mis-information being fed to the minister of Amerindian Affairs; as long as that gentleman is under the employ of the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs it is futile for us to even contemplate any form of co-operation.
Q - Which political party in Guyana does the Confederacy support?
A - The Confederacy is officially politically neutral, we do not overtly or covertly support any political party in Guyana; they all have their good and bad points about them.
Q - A Guyana newspaper once carried an article saying 'Corrie claims to be a King', could you shed some light on that?
A - That was one of the early examples of our enemies lying skills, Hereditary Chief Corrie is a documented descendant of an 19th century Lokono-Arawak Hereditary Chief on his mother's side - and a 18th generation descendant of King James II of Scotland on his fathers' side - read 'Records of the Corrie family by Jessie Corrie & published by the New York Public Library in 1956. Hereditary Chief Corrie actually said that he was "descended from Kings" - but our enemies spread the distortion that he claimed to be a King. Our enemies also spread the lie that Hereditary Chief Corrie was involved with drugs in Guyana - which left many believing that it was in the capacity of drug dealing and not what it really was which was drug eradication; one need only contact former charge' de affaires Mr. Roland W. Bullen of the United States Embassy in Bridgetown Barbados to confirm that Hereditary Chief Corrie was supplying information to agent 'Cecil' of the DEA via Mr. Bullen.
Q - How is Mr. Corrie an Hereditary Chief?
A - I will try to make a long story short : In 1892 Hereditary Chief Amorotaheh Haubariria (Flying Harpy Eagle) of the Lokono Arawaks died, he was survived by a sole daughter who could not inherit his title, on his deathbed he vowed that only a son, grandson, great-grandson etc. of his daughter who returned to the people and married back into the Clan would be able to inherit his title as Hereditary Chief. No-one did this until 1992 when Damon Gerard Corrie - a great-great grandson of Hereditary Chief Amorotaheh Haubariria - at the age of 19 in December of 1992 returned to Guyana and married back into the Clan to a 17 year old virgin by the name of Shirling Normellia Simon. This is how Mr. Corrie inherited the title of Heriditary Chief.
Q - How is Hereditary Chief Corrie's daughter a Princess?
A - As you are aware a princess is a lady who was either born into a royal family, who marries a prince, or is the daughter of a hereditary ruler, Princess Sabantho Aderi is the great great granddaughter of Princess Marian (who was the sole surviving child of Hereditary Chief Amorotaheh Haubariria), and the daughter of Hereditary Chief Damon Gerard Corrie who is the Hereditary Chief of the Eagle Clan Lokono-Arawaks and of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Amerindian Tribal Nations.
Q - Why is the Confederacy under hereditary leadership and not democratic leadership?
A - All the other Amerindian advocacy groups in Guyana are under democratic leadership, but all have had personality conflicts and other more serious internal troubles, firstly - democracy is not the traditional leadership style of the Lokono -Arawak people, we always had ruling families seeing after the interests of the people; the English are the ones who installed the system of elected leaders in our communities and this has seen the rise to power of some 'hungry people' in many cases who only seek to enrich themselves and think little of the greater good. Hereditary Chief Corrie and his family is not now nor have they ever been poor by any standard and so the temptation to misappropriate funds does not exist for him, he has proven to be wholeheartedly committed to his inherent responsibility to lead the people. The Confederacy was created by Hereditary Chief Corrie in 1996 at the United Nations Small Islands Developing States Conference held in Barbados to realize the dream of his great great grandfather Hereditary Chief Amorotaheh Haubariria who tried to unite the Guyana tribes in 1850. Communities are free to opt in or out of the Confederacy as they please, but Hereditary Chief Corrie will be the leader for life, and after him one of his children will become the leader of the Confederacy. The democratically elected village Chiefs in Guyana of the Makushi and Akawaio tribal nations who have ratified Oaths of Loyalty to Chief Corrie recognize and accept this unique tradition based system the Confederacy has and prefer it to the annoying bi-annual re-forming of ties with new faces in the other organizations and associations based in Georgetown; and they appreciate the Confederacy headquarters being located in the highly developed country of Barbados - free of political interference. Furthermore the Confederacy is an Amerindian traditional government not a mere non-governmental organization.
Q - What is Hereditary Chief Corrie's function in the Confederacy?
A - Hereditary Chief Corrie represents ALL Confederacy Chiefs OUTSIDE of Guyana, his role is mainly to represent their concerns to the wider world and seek to bring economic benefits back to the Amerindian communities he represents. Within Guyana the democratically elected Confederacy village Chiefs represent themselves - so in Guyana his title is not generally applied to him .
Q - Your detractors have claimed that Hereditary Chief Corrie holds racist views, is he indeed a racist?
A - No, just because he counsels young men and women of the Lokono-Arawak tribe to marry one of their own as a first choice, and an Amerindian from another tribe as a second choice, third choice would be any Mongoloid person, and fourth would be any person of any race, the reason being that with less than 18,000 souls left on Earth - every time a Lokono-Arawak marries outside of their gene pool they are contributing to the extinction of the DNA uniqueness of the Lokono-Arawak people. Hereditary Chief Corrie has male best friends that are Amerindian, black and white, and prior to his marriage to an Amerindian he had a white fianc for 2 years (1989-1990) and a black fianc for 2 years (1991-1992). Beyond this his 200 plus close relatives worldwide are of every complexion and ethnic mixture under the sun - and he loves them all equally? this is not counting the diverse racial mix of in-laws as well.
Q - Where were Hereditary Chief Corrie's children born?
A - The first three children were born on the 200 sq. mile Pakuri Arawak Territory in Guyana where their mother was born and raised, the second child was the first girl - Princess Aderi but she died at 3 days old and is buried near her maternal grandparents home on Pakuri. The fourth child and second girl is Princess Sabantho, she is the only one born in Barbados and this was because she was coming breech and her mother would have died on Pakuri with the mid-wife birth delivery available there; Princess Sabantho was the first Arawak born in Barbados in over 600 years.
Q - What is the Confederacy's official position on Human diversity?
A - The Confederacy's official position is akin to the United Nations that is that there are 3 racial groups - Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid - with numerous sub-groups under each category. For example - Amerindians, Chinese, Koreans are all Mongoloid, Jews, Scandinavians and Anglos are all Caucasoid, Ashantis, Zulus and Massai are all Negroid, we reject the serological argument that would have everyone believe the 'one race' theory, for if that were true how is it that a skeletal analysis can determine what race the individual belonged to while alive. And what about mitochondrial DNA evidence that easily categorizes humanity into racial classifications by difference ? As far as the Confederacy is concerned ethnic and racial diversity is the most wonderful attribute of humanity .

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