Vibert De-Souza was replaced as Minister of Amerindian Affairs as a result of Mr. Corrie formally complaining to the OAS about his unprofessional conduct - which in turn greatly embarrassed the Government of Guyana.

The Current Minister (Still appointed by the President not chosen by the Amerindian People of Guyana she is supposed to represent) is Mrs. Carolyn Rodrigues - who continues a futile campaign of hostility towards Mr. Corrie in an attempt to sobotage his Eco-Tourism efforts in Amerindian Communities of Guyana.

November 21st, 1998 letter to Guyana's Minister of Amerindian Affairs

NB - this letter was sent by Damon Gerard Corrie - who was the then Speaker (International Spokesman) of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy - in reply to the first and only official correspondence sent from the Guyana government to the Pan-Tribal Confederacy. Damon is now the elected Sovereign Chief, and the position of 'Speaker' no longer exists.

Dear Minister de-Souza,

I am in receipt of your rather vague correspondence dated
October 21st, 1998; in which you side-step the real issues and
resort to a personal attack on me - as you are wont to do.

Firstly, let me assure you that it is of no concern to me
whatsoever whether you accept the fact that I AM the duly
elected Speaker of the Grand Council of Chiefs (you use the
belittling term 'Captains') of the citizens of the Pan-Tribal
Confederacy of Amerindian Tribal Nations (currently representing
communities in Brazil, Dominica, Guyana and Venezuela) - or not.

Secondly, my inheritance of the title of Fifth Hereditary
Paramount Chief of the Eagle Clan Arawaks (which will remain a
ceremonial title until I found my own settlement) is a matter
for the 875 members of our sub-group within the Lokono-Arawak
Tribal Nation ALONE; the opinions of yourself or any other
non-Eagle Clansman is of no consequence to any of us.

On the subject of 'Hypocrisy', I will leave that for your
conscience to deal with; it must be hard being the most
unpopular and innefectual 'Amerindian Affairs Minister' in the
history of Guyana. To support that assertion I need only to draw
your attention to: The Amerindian Research Unit of the
University of Guyana - read any one of their many publications,
the Guyana Human Rights Association's publication 'Land Rights
under threat - a report for Amerindian Communities', various
Amerindian People's Association and Guyanese Organisation of
Indigenous Peoples letters and press releases, the book 'Guyana
- Fragile frontier' by Marcus Colchester, the November 17th 1998
letter signed by 18 Chiefs from the Makushi and Wapishana Tribal
Nations of the Rupununi Region - whom rejected the outrageous
lies published in the Peoples' Progressive Party/Civic
'Hinterland Highlights' August/September 1998 issue, and best of
all - the filing of a law suit against the Attorney General, as
legal representative of the Government of Guyana, by the six
most prominent Chiefs of the Arekuna and Akawaio Tribal Nations
of the Upper Mazaruni Amerindian District - the first time in
Guyana's history that Amerindians have sued the State!

With all due respect, I will NEVER be silenced or intimidated by
you or any other human being on this planet for as long as I
live; I am not one of those lower class leaders who are
intimidated by authority - I do not know how to be servile.
There is an old axiom "The greater the enemy, the greater the
victory", but do not misinterpret me as to be referring to you
as being either 'great' or an 'enemy'; but in my eyes you do
appear to have been conspiring against me without pause since

I feel compelled at this point to remind you of the fate that
befell my wife's grandfather and Eagle Clan Elder Mr. Eldred
Dundas (one of my staunchest supporters) - who was abducted by
Indo-Guyanese and brutally murdered in November 1997, on the
border area of Pakuri Arawak Territory; mysteriously no-one has
yet been apprehended for that savage crime.

Perhaps you should concentrate your efforts onsolving that as
yet 'unsolved mystery', instead of issuing veiled threats to me
of "serious repercussions"; it really doesn't reflect well on
your level of maturity or competence as a Minister of Amerindian
Affairs - in a government once led by a visionary like Cheddi
Jagan. I seriously doubt whether a gentleman like Minister
Michael Sree Chan would ever stoop to such levels, perhaps you
should spend more time in his company and improve yourself.

You are of mixed Mongoloid, Negroid and Caucasoid genetic
composure  and you claim that I am only "pretending to be an
Amerindian" - I am 33% Mongoloid and 66% Caucasoid, your wife is
an East Indian Hindu - my wife is a Lokono-Arawak, your children
were born off tribal territory - 3  of mine were born on my
wife's Pakuri Arawak Territory, you are an appointee of a
non-Amerindian political party - I am the elected representative
of a de facto Amerindian traditional local government, you do
not follow the Arawak religion - whereas I do, you do not play
traditional Arawak games - whereas I do, you do not write books
about the Arawaks - whereas I do, you do not financially support
un-wed Arawak mothers out of your own pocket and act as
surrogate fathers to their children - whereas I do .....go ahead
and take up my offer for a live debate (in a neutral location
with independent media) and I guarantee you that it will not be
I who comes accross as the one "pretending to be the

Istead of labelling me a "dangerous young man" and hatching
endless plots agaist me - which are all doomed to failure, for
the mandate I have come to fulfil cannot be thwarted; you should
be working WITH me to better the lives of Guyana's dispossessed
native peoples.

All for your information and guidance,


DamonGerard Corrie
Speaker of the Grand Council of Chiefs
of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy.


Unedited version of letter that appeared in the Barbados Advocate Newspaper on Saturday March 20th, 1999.

Being a proud citizen of both Barbados and the Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Amerindian Tribal Nations, I wish to inform my countrymen here of recent developments in regional Amerindian Affairs.

Interested persons will remember the January 15th, 1997 Associated Press telephone interview with me that found its way into newspapers all over the globe. The main focus of that interview was supposed to have been the announcement of the opening of the Confederacy's first Diplomatic Mission in Antwerp, Belgium; unfortunately it came across as an aggressive move for Amerindian Statehood and I have drawn nothing but open hostility from EVERY so called 'Minister of Amerindian Affairs of Guyana since Vibert De-Souza (including him) and his secretary Pauline Sukhai (the current political appointee Minister) , these latter two individuals have convinced the PPP/Civic government of Guyana that I am a 'revolutionary separatist' and a 'dangerous troublemaker', when it is the 'bald headed Doctor from Essequibo' who sits in Parliament for the PNC/R opposition who is the REAL insurrectionist in Guyana seeking to violently overthrow the PPP/C legitimately & democratically elected government.

Pro-assimilationalist Amerindians (who invariably are of mixed race descent, are married to non-Amerindians, and have forsaken tribal territories for urban haciendas) have gone so far as to attempt to discredit me publicly in the state controlled media in Guyana as well as private owned media in Barbados.

ALL my supporters are Pro- traditionalists Amerindians, we accept the rule of International (not National) Law, the World Court in the Hague; and all United Nations conventions concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples.

It is a well known fact that no Guyana government has EVER ratified ANY of the United Nations Conventions (ILO 169 being the most recent), if truth be known, Guyanese post-colonial (Neo-Colonial in reality) governments have ALL been violators of International Laws concerning native peoples - and I detect no willingness to 'come clean' on the part of the present administration either; although I still remain cautiously optimistic.

Sub-surface mineral rights and our United Nations recognised "Inherrent and undeniable right to self-determination" are the two main issues we traditionalists are fighting for, not the comparatively minor issues our contemporaries seem to be pre-occupied with; and we do not intend to give up.

I would rather die than abandon my people for the illusionary comforts of the Western Materialistic culture, and not originating from among the lower classes I am neither 'bribeable' nor am I intimidated in the least by ANY authority figure. Perhaps that is why there have been a series of suspicious actions against me since the AP interview.

I filed a complaint with Inspector Shorey of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Guyana Police Force (in the presence of Crime Chief Floyd MacDonald)in early 1997 about the first of these threatening actions against me , but when the trail led back to the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, I was told plainly that 'no action could be taken as long as those people are in power'.

The two co-conspirators are still in positions 1 & 2 in the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs - which remains the main source of misinformation (they even deny the very existence of the Confederacy and its 11 allied Villages in Guyana) and outright hostility towards me; the Minister has a 2 inch thick file of news interviews of me over the years marked 'CORRIE' which he likes to whip out to guests in his office - decrying ME as a criminal (obviously forgot what HE used to do for a living before he was was politically appointed to be 'Minister' of Amerindian Affairs). But most disturbing of all to myself and my Eagle Clan Arawak supporters was the brutal abduction and murder of my wife's grandfather, Eldred Dundas, by Indo-Guyanese assailants - on the northern border territory of St. Cuthbert's Mission/Pakuri Arawak Territory on Wednesday, November 26th, 1997.

Isn't it strange that on October 21st 1998 I received a letter from Guyana's puppet 'Minister of Amerindian Affairs' which warned me of "serious repercussions" if I did not desist from giving 'misleading' information to the news media ?

Damon Gerard Corrie
Saturday March 20th, 1999.

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