Despite the fact that the APA, GOIP and TAAMOG have not been supporters of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations (to put in nicely) - I will publicly go on record as supporting their protest of the current Amerindian Bill that was passed on Thursday February 17th 2006 by the PPP dominated parliament of the Republic of Guyana.

The bogus 'Minister of Amerindian Affairs' who is in actual fact a mere political appointee of the current government - with no honest mandate to represent Guyana's Amerindians (since her position was not open to a democratic process of Amerindian village voting - just a handful of non-Amerindian politicians) - will on paper enjoy more powers - and once AGAIN the Guyana government has proven that it has no real intention of allowing international indigenous rights (as outlined in ILO 169) to be enjoyed by the 9 Indigenous Tribal Nations of Guyana.

The issue of 'Amerindian'/'Indigenous' so far as official reference goes - is another 'petty issue' in my opinion - much like the airport re-naming (big damn deal) of some years ago. Why not call ourselves 'American Indians' - which is really what the abbreviation 'Amerindian' stands for anyway. 'Indigenous people' are all over the world - only in the Western Hemisphere (our lands) are there 'American Indians'

I have yet to see the above mentioned entities use strong language or actions as I do - in my capacity as founder/leader of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations, but this is not their fault, they are constrained by donors - who tend to admonish their beneficiaries on what sorts of language or actions they will tolerate. Thankfully, the Confederacy owns businesses and raises all of it's own money for political affairs - so no-one on this earth is going to politely edit my speech or exact any servility from me.

The previous puppet Minister of Amerindian Affairs of Guyana challenged me and lost his job - with a swift return to mediocrity I might add; one of his last statements was 'this man Corrie is more powerful than me - but how can that be possible?' I predict the curent puppet Amerindian Affairs Minister will reap the same. Meanwhile I will still be founder/leader of the Confederacy and still enjoy popular suport - in several countries.

For the time being Carolyn Rodrigues can continue sending confidential letters (that the Chiefs give me to read & burn) to various Amerindian Communities attacking me personally and claiming that the Confederacy's Eco-Tour operations do not benefit Amerindians (failing to mention that our salary to Amerindian workers starts at GY$2,000 per day - take home pay!); if that is exploitation - there are thousands of jobless Amerindians in Guyana wishing they could be 'exploited' for that no-schooling required salary.

I urge Amerindian/Indigenous communities accross Guyana to reject any laws that do not conform to International Law - for the world will not bend to Guyana; Guyana will have to bow down before the International community and bring it's local laws in-line with International laws concerning Indigenous peoples. If your community democratically elects you to serve for 10 consecutive 2 year terms - serve them! Dare the Minister to remove you from office! Stop being cowards and - as the mulatto musical prophet brother Bob Marley said "Get up and stand up for your rights!". If you idolize the Hindu Prophet Ghandi more - he also said "It is better for a man to die on his feet than to live on his knees", If you prefer a black Prophet - Martin Luther King said "If a man has not found something he is willing to die for - then he is not fit to live!"

Lastly, if you will only heed a white visionary ' Sir Edmund Hillary said "The only thing necessary for the triumph of good over evil - is for good men to do nothing!".

All for your information and guidance,

Damon Gerard Corrie
Pan Tribal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations

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